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Since TV first started stations have broadcast their channels over the antenna. You can put up an antenna at your home or business and receive these analog TV channels even today, but on June 12, 2009 they go dark. The the amount of analog channels you receive are few and the clarity is substandard.

Most viewers now pay $700 a year or more for cable or satellite reception. With the new digital signal you won't need to unless you want to pay $700 a year for the Animal Planet and like stations.

Years ago cell phones were converted from Analog to Digital. It was successful because computers that transmit the signal work better with digital signals than analog.

The FCC is now doing the same with TV. Most TV stations are already broadcasting in digital format with more to come. What you get is up to 60 free crystal clear channels. What you won't get is a monthly bill and channels like Animal Planet, QVC, Home and Garden, ESPN, Bravo, MTV and a few more.

You can click on the "Stations" link on your top left, type in your address and see exactly what you do get. Call us and for a small fee we will come to your location and plug a HDTV antenna to your TV set and show you exactly what you will get.

You will be amazed what is available for fee and how many stations there are.


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Don't wait for June 12, 2009

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